I was born in Berlin in 1970. My father, a glassblower by trade, discovered my artistic talent and promoted my interests as a child. I have been living and working near Frankfurt for 30 years. This time shaped my life, which is reflected in my art. I can look back on a long creative and experimental time in which I was able to practice and live out many art techniques.
Artists like Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky and Roy Lichtenstein inspire me in my artistic work. My pictures contain elements from Expressionism, Surrealism and Pop Art. For me, art is a constant exploration of new possibilities and the finding of new spheres.

I want to give the viewer of my pictures the opportunity to participate in my feelings and visions. My art is very expressive and lively. Intoxicating color compositions take the art enthusiast on an excursion into a world in which everything seems to be possible. My art should be a mediator between the viewer and my positive energy and attitude to life.

I love to think ahead about my pictures. From planning the project, watering and wedging the canvas to the color composition and finishing with a painting varnish or epoxy resin – everything follows my inner emotional state. With some works, the choice of tool and art technique is only decided in the middle of the artistic act. I love to combine old and modern art techniques. It exerts an additional creative charm on me. At the moment I like to work with spatula technique, drip painting, structures, fluid and pouring art. In many works, all these techniques can be found together on a canvas in dialogue.