Welcome to my website

I hope to inspire you with my art!

My name is Hans-Joachim Habersack. I was born on March 11, 1970 in Berlin-Wedding. In 1975, my path led me to the rural town of Niedergründau where I also grew up. My father, Konrad Habersack, a glassblower, discovered my talent early and supported me by teaching me subtleties and techniques, which he himself needed in his profession.

Already in the kindergarten, when the other children hit stones on each other, so that they sprayed beautiful sparks, bored me rather and began rather to paint these. Thereby I felt much more joy.

Also during the school time, in the elementary school in Gründau Rothenbergen and afterwards on the circle real school in Gelnhausen art was „my thing“. I took the advanced course in art and painted, drew in my spare time for friends and family. I tried myself in several styles.

After leaving school, I first trained as a car mechanic. After that I was a paratrooper in the Bundeswehr and then a bicycle courier in Frankfurt am Main. There I lived for 20 years.

In April 2018, I married my wife Tanja. In June 2020, I suffered a heart attack and found back to my dormant talent in an art therapy group. I discovered the love of abstract acrylic painting on canvas and Fluid Pouring which I implement with great passion.

Since 2017 we live in the beautiful, idyllic Biebergemünd-Breitenborn at the gateway to the Spessart. In my home studio with a view of the beautiful nature I can pursue my artistic work which fulfills me very much. I gladly accept commissions and projects.